Seasons Birds Angry is Angry Birds Seasons, but backwards.


The pigs find a time machine, and decide they can go back to the past to help themselves to get the eggs. But a pig pulls the lever to the future, so another pulls it to the past, then a pig pulls it to the future, then a pig attempts to pull a lever to the past, but the lever breaks. The time machine ends up creating a wormhole, which makes time go backwards, so the pigs end up doing all their failed attempts over again.

Season 1Edit

1. Bacon-Ca-Abra

2. Wonderham Winter

3. Hogs Haunted

Season 2Edit

4. School to Back

5. Piglantis

6. Blossom Cherry

7. Dragon the of Year

8. Halls the Wreck

9. Ween'o'Ham

Season 3Edit

10. Festival Mooncake

11. Pignic Summer

12. Eggs Easter

13. Lucky Get, Green Go

14. Kisses and Hogs

15. Greeding's Seasons

16. Treat or Trick