The Backwards Piggies are the backwards version of the original Bad Piggies.They are bad and the main antagonists of the backwards birds.

The backwards piggies are evil piggies that appear in various sizes and members,witch kind smillar personalitys to each
other. They are very close and even if they are bad guys they celebrate all the events witch the family and sanding gift to their realtivites.They seems to be more inteligent creatures than the birds because they can even bulidid high rise bulidings and invent their own inventions

Early life and inventionsEdit

They are seems to be good inventors and buliders,as they have their own work to do,an example inpresing their king by jokes.

They life all together in houses and safe food and warm clothes for the winter.Even throuch that they are more inteligent that seems,they can't beat the birds and get their eggs as their own food.They have very hungry kind of apetite.

Despite some of the early videos the backwards piggies start becoming more inteligent unti today they have everything the exept the eggs.

Strangely enouch they don't make peace witch the birds to live witch the birds hapily witchout any fights.